Sarasota parasailing

Sarasota Parasailing

One of the things I wanted to do for forever is parasailing!

I saw people do it in movies and it always look fun.

Well, maybe except for that part in the movie Blended where Drew Barrymore is parasailing and the car runs out of gas. Legendary.

I have also seen people do it from a far.

But I never was in a situation where I was near a place that does it plus had the time to do it.

So this time, as soon as we booked our vacation in Siesta Key, I looked for a places for parasailing in Siesta Key and in Sarasota in general.

Here are the results of everything I gathered.

See the summarize table below and please, do your own due diligence.

What is Parasailing

Parasailing is a thrilling recreational activity that offers both adventure and relaxation in equal measure. It involves being towed behind a motorboat while attached to a specially designed parachute, known as a parasail. As the boat speeds off, you’re lifted into the air, soaring high above the water and taking in the breathtaking views below.

The beauty of parasailing lies in its simplicity. Once you’re securely harnessed to the parasail, no specific skills or effort are required on your part. The boat does all the work, pulling you along and giving you the sensation of flying. It’s a unique way to experience the landscape, offering a bird’s eye view of the world below.

Parasailing is a popular activity in many coastal areas and tourist destinations around the world. It provides a unique perspective on the surrounding environment, whether that’s a bustling beach resort, a serene lake, or a stunning archipelago. The tranquility you experience while floating high above the water is a stark contrast to the adrenaline rush of the ascent and descent, making parasailing a truly unique experience.

Safety is paramount in parasailing. Participants are equipped with life jackets and a harness that attaches to the parasail. The parasail itself is designed to float, which means it can land on water if necessary. Most parasailing operators also provide a brief training session before the flight, explaining the process and safety procedures.

Many of the places below also offer other types of water related activities like jet ski rental, scuba diving, kayaks rentals and more.

Bradenton Beach Parasail

Parasail Siesta

Right of the bat, the name doesn’t give you a lot of room to error about what they do. Parasail Siesta is the most recognized and most reviewed parasailing business in Siesta Key. They are located in the heart of Siesta Key, Florida. Known for their exceptional service and safety standards, they offer an exhilarating parasailing experience that is second to none. As you ascend into the sky, securely harnessed to a colorful parachute, you’re treated to a bird’s eye view of the stunning Siesta Key coastline. The azure waters of the Gulf of Mexico stretch out beneath you, while the white sandy beaches and lush landscapes of Siesta Key paint a picture of tropical paradise.

Siesta Key Watersports

Siesta Key Watersports is another renowned outdoor adventure company located in Siesta Key, Florida. They offer a wide range of water-based activities, but are particularly known for their exceptional parasailing experiences. With a strong emphasis on safety and customer satisfaction, Siesta Key Watersports ensures that every guest has an unforgettable and enjoyable adventure. Their experienced and friendly crew provides comprehensive guidance and support, making their parasailing experiences accessible for adventurers of all ages and experience levels.

  • Address: 1536 Stickney Point Rd, Sarasota, FL 34231
  • Phone Number: 941-921-3030
  • Hours of Operation: Daily 8am – 8pm (Sunday closed at 6pm)
  • Price: $109 per flyer or $119 for a little extra stuff. Additional photo packages available
  • Google Rating: 4.9/5 – 4,753 reviews
  • TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5/5 – 744 reviews

CB’s Saltwater Outfitters

Another parasailing option in Siesta Key is CB’s Saltwater Outfitters. They are well-known for providing a variety of water-based activities, including parasailing. With a team of experienced professionals, CB’s Saltwater Outfitters ensures a safe and exhilarating parasailing experience for all their guests. CB’s Saltwater Outfitters takes pride in their commitment to customer service, ensuring that every adventure is memorable and enjoyable. Whether you’re an experienced thrill-seeker or a first-time parasailer, CB’s Saltwater Outfitters offers an unforgettable journey above the beautiful landscapes of Siesta Key.

Venice Parasailing

When looking for a parasailing place in Siesta Key, it is important to expend the search to places in Sarasota and other near by beaches. After all, the time to get there is probably around 20-30 minutes. Venice Parasailing is a top-rated adventure company located in Venice, Florida, not far from Siesta Key. They specialize in providing thrilling parasailing experiences over the beautiful Gulf of Mexico. Their experienced crew is dedicated to providing a smooth and enjoyable experience, from the initial safety briefing to the moment you touch back down on the boat. As you soar high above the stunning Florida coastline, you’ll be treated to breathtaking views of the azure waters and the picturesque landscapes.

parasailing in Siesta key

Bradenton Beach Parasailing

Another option is Bradenton Beach Parasailing located in Bradenton Beach (obviously), a short drive from Siesta Key. They are renowned for offering exhilarating parasailing experiences over the stunning Gulf of Mexico. With a team of highly trained professionals, Bradenton Beach Parasailing prioritizes safety and customer satisfaction, ensuring a memorable and thrilling adventure for all their guests.

YOLO Parasailing

YOLO Parasailing, located in the beautiful region of Florida, offers an unforgettable adventure for those seeking a unique thrill. Known for their exceptional parasailing experiences, YOLO Parasailing invites you to embrace their motto, “You Only Live Once,” and soar high above the stunning Florida coastline. Their experienced crew prioritizes safety and ensures that every guest feels comfortable and confident before taking to the skies. YOLO Parasailing is committed to providing an unforgettable experience, making every parasailing journey a thrilling adventure that truly embodies their “live in the moment” philosophy.

Sea Rocket Gulf Coast Parasail

Sea Rocket is a franchise that has several parasailing locations along the east coast in beaches like Fort Lauderdale, Ocean City, Delaware and more. Their website is a little more modern compare to the previous options. You can see the team that operates the location and book a timeslot directly from the website. They are also the only one (I saw) that encourage early day parasailing by providing a discount if you parasail before noon and another discount if you do it before 10am. If you have early risers in the family (like we do), might worth looking into the morning parasailing.

  • Address: 402 Church Ave, Bradenton Beach, FL 34217
  • Phone Number: 833-524-2359
  • Hours of Operation: Daily 8am – 7pm
  • Price: $69.99 – $89.99 per flyer depends on the time. Option to join in the board for $59.99.
  • Google Rating: 5/5 – 509 reviews
  • TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5/5 – 33 reviews

Anna Maria Island Parasail

If you are staying near Anna Maria (and even if you are not, it is only a short drive), check out Anna Maria Island Parasail. Located on the beautiful Anna Maria Island, Florida. They are known for their exceptional parasailing experiences that offer guests a unique opportunity to view the stunning Florida coastline from a thrilling new perspective. Great experience for thrill-seeker or anyone trying parasailing for the first time Anna Maria Island Parasail offers a unique opportunity to see the beauty of Florida’s Gulf Coast.

Comparison Table Of Leading Parasail Companies in Sarasota

BeachPriceGoogle RatingNum of Reviews
Parasail SiestaSiesta Key$10956,042
Siesta Key WatersportsSiesta Key$1094.94,753
CB’s Saltwater OutfittersSiesta Key$1094.7602
Venice ParasailingVenice$754.9408
Bradenton Beach ParasailingBradenton$794.7508
YOLO ParasailingBradenton$854.7317
Sea Rocket Gulf Coast ParasailBradenton$704.533
Anna Maria Island ParasailAnna Maria$954.917

Frequently Asked Questions about Parasailing

  1. What is parasailing?
    Parasailing is a recreational activity where a person is towed behind a boat while attached to a specially designed parachute, known as a parasail. The boat drives off, carrying the parasail and person into the air.
  2. Is parasailing safe?
    Yes, parasailing is generally safe as long as it is conducted by reputable operators who follow all safety guidelines. This includes using proper equipment, conducting safety briefings, and monitoring weather conditions.
  3. Do I need any special skills or training to parasail?
    No special skills or training are required for parasailing. Before the flight, the parasailing operator will provide a safety briefing and instructions on what to do during the flight.
  4. How high do you go when parasailing?
    The height can vary depending on the length of the towline and the wind conditions, but typically parasailers fly at heights ranging from 100 to 500 feet.
  5. Can I parasail if I can’t swim?
    Yes, non-swimmers can still parasail. All participants are equipped with life jackets and the parasail is designed to land slowly and gently, usually on the boat itself.
  6. What should I wear for parasailing?
    It’s best to wear comfortable clothing that you don’t mind getting wet. Swimwear is a good option. Also, it’s recommended to remove shoes, glasses, and hats before your flight.
  7. Can two people parasail together?
    Yes, many parasailing operators offer tandem parasailing where two people can fly together. The exact number can depend on the operator’s equipment and the total weight of the participants.
  8. What happens if the boat stops suddenly or the line breaks?
    In the unlikely event that the boat stops suddenly or the line breaks, the parasail is designed to slowly and gently bring the parasailer down to the water.
  9. Is there an age or weight limit for parasailing?
    Most operators have a minimum age requirement (often around 6 years old) and a weight limit (both minimum and maximum) for safety reasons. These can vary, so it’s best to check with the specific operator.
  10. Can I take my camera or phone up with me?
    While the views from parasailing are spectacular, it’s generally not recommended to bring cameras or phones with you, as they could be dropped or damaged. Some operators may offer photo packages or have helmet cams available for rent.